A Kitten Trip

Chubby Kitten travels quite a bit. In fact, you could say that traveling is one of his all-time favourite things to do - provided that he doesn't spend too long apart from his Kitten Friend!

As Chubby Kitten goes from place to place, he records his travels with snapshots and drawings. It's the best way for a kitten to keep track of where he's been, what he's seen and the foods he's gobbled. Come take a look at the kitten's path through the world!

In the fall, Chubby Kitten made his way to SAINT PETERSBURG to take part in a conference.

The first night he was there, he got tired out by all of the bridges (although they are quite pretty)!

The next morning, though, he was amazed by all the friendly birds around!

Don't forget the ships! Chubby Kitten is fascinated by the rivers and the canals and all the boats - and there's no shortage of those in Saint Petersburg!

He made sure to get lots and lots of photos - both film and digital!

Plus the friendly birds pointed the way to interesting sites and fun places to eat, so his days were pretty full!

Before he knew it, it was his last day. Chubby Kitten was a bit sad to be leaving Russia, but best pleased that his send off was a sprinkling of snow - the first of the season!

But he wasn't on his way to London right away. Chubby Kitten had booked himself a night in HELSINKI, where he went to the sauna and sweat up a storm!

On his way to the airport, Chubby Kitten stopped off for tea with a Moomin at the Moomin Café!

Back in London, Chubby Kitten gets to cuddle with his Kitten Friend - nothing could be better! But sometimes the nerves about travel and presenting, and the jetlag, get too much for his dainty sleeping schedule.

Next stop: UAE. Boy is is hot! Even the locals are noticing how much Chubby Kitten is sweating. 

He met lots of interesting new friends, including a Hoopoe. What a neat name!

Now for a treat! Chubby Kitten headed to the beach to frolic in the waves. 

Then comes the big day: time to present! Chubby Kitten is nervous, and it's SOOOO hot, but his speech is a success!

Last day in SHARJAH, and it's time for a little inspiration. Chubby Kitten got an exclusive view of the Graphic Design Biennial from a very knowledgeable guide. 

Dateline: OMAN! A walk around the old souq in Muscat reveals that Muskittens can sometimes be rough!

All's well that ends well - especially when that ending involves FIYSH! A dainty bite before heading back to the UK!

After a month in the UK, the Kittens are off for a romantic vacation in Vienna: Christmas markets and all the Christmas sweets you can gobble!

Last business trip of the year! Two days after getting back from Vienna, it's off to Boston for a conference. But Chubby Kitten's most affected by the poor little birds who have to live out in the cold. It's a time for caring about others, and for helping the less fortunate!

Whoa nelly! Our kitten explorer has stopped in Reykjavik for a night, and has run into a fierce storm! Hold tight to your miylk, kittens!

Chubby Kitten in Tashkent.JPG

First trip of 2019! Chubby Kitten was off to Tashkent, Uzbekistan for business. He was asked to give a speech on national television about the poet Navoiy. He's hit big time, baby!

Finally, a bit of time to kick back and relax! Chubby Kitten and his Kitten Friend are off to Mexico for a week of fun in the sun. But it's not all about laying around on a beach - they're amazed by the rich, engaging culture, and all the delicious chow they have to eat!

Kittens In Awe of Rivera.JPG

The Kittens went to the Palacio Nacional on their first full day in the capital. They were in awe of Diego Rivera's murals about the history of Mexico. The beauty of the work and the emotion of its content left them meow-less!

Last leg of the Mexico trip - a jaunt to Yucatan for some time on the beach. Anxiety alert! Chubby Kitten doesn't deal well with quiet time on the sand, and had to bring his mobile library along to keep him occupied. 

Chubby Kitten Reads at the Beach.JPG
Chubby Kitten at Novaya Gollandiya.JPG

It's May, and that means it's time to head to St. Petersburg for an annual conference! The gathering's not quite what Chubby Kitten expected, but at least he gets to enjoy lots of sunshine and fun searches through comics shops!

In July, Chubby Kitten sets off on his biggest adventure yet. He's jetting to Australia and New Zealand for a conference and meetings. Of course, that means a stopover in Hong Kong, where his gobble antics get him in a spot of trouble with the residents of the Hong Kong Aviary!

After two full nights of traveling, he's finally there! But our poor little Kitten has to be all professional and present his paper a mere 12 hours after landing in Wellington. Ganbatte, Koneko-San! You can do it!

With the conference done, it's time for a little sightseeing. A massive downpour meant that Chubby Kitten had to hang around bookshops (and buy books!) before spending the afternoon in the wonderful Te Papa Museum. He learned so much about Māori culture!

Then to Australia and a few nights in Sydney! The cool winter weather made for good exploration of the city's natural wonders and the opportunity to make new pretty friends among Sydney's feathered denizens. 

In August, things slow down considerably, but Chubby Kitten does have to make one work trip. He's bound for Glasgow - 5.5 hours on a train each way! Luckily, this kitten prepared!

With the start of September comes a new romantic adventure! The Kittens head to Amsterdam, where they take a fun boat cruise on a little ship to discover the city!

Time in London is always an important part of building community. When Chubby Kitten and Kitten Friend are at home, they like to spend their time gobbling around town and catching up with friends!

Chubby Kitten isn't traveling like he used it - but that doesn't mean he can't still explore! A day off from work gave him and Kitten Friend the opportunity to stop in at Brighton and gobble some delicious fish and chips!

Kitten Friend Shares His Film in Hamburg
Greedy Kittens at Louisiana.jpg

In October, Kitten Friend screened his film in Hamburg - to roaring applause! All the viewers loved it so much, they voted it audience favourite!

From Hamburg, the Kittens went to Copenhagen, since they'd never been. They went up to Louisiana, where they took in the art in the gardens, and made ample use of the chow buffet on the inside!

They also had a wonderful time at Tivoli, which was all done up for Halloween. It was magical! They took away many special memories. 

Kittens at Tivoli for Halloween.jpg
Kitten Christmas Fun in Edinburgh.jpg
Kitten Love in Paris.jpg

Last trip of 2019 - a Christmas train ride to Edinburgh to see the incredible decorations at The Dome. Plus Haggis.

With the start of the new decade, it didn't take long for the kittens to head out to Paris for a romantic night away!