Harald Sealson,

Educator Extraordinaire

Harald Sealson is a saint among kittens. Or rather a seal among kittens. 

Mr. Sealson has devoted his life to the education of the kitten child. He braves claws and hissy fits to make sure that no kitten is left behind. So it's fortunate that he's not always as fast as his charges, and can always bring up the rear.

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A bit about the artist.

Oh, hello there! I'm Michael, the


creator of Chubby Kitten (and the


various other things that you might

find on this website). I grew up in


Canada, but I've lived in a few


different places before ending up


in London. Most of my time is spent

doing serious things, usually with


books and stuff like that. In my


spare time, I bring life to neurotic,


fluffy, funny, and portly little animals


who jet around the world. My


current project is a full-length


comic called How to Have a


Breakdown and See 12 Countries in


6 Weeks!

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