Lockdown Diaries

Chubby Kitten and his Kitten Friend are conscientious kit-tizens. Coronavirus has reached their city, and they want to do everything that they can to help limit its effects. But isolation is hard! This little picture diary tracks how they're dealing with it. 

At the beginning, it seemed like it would be fun to stock up and prepare for the coming hibernation.

The sun is shining and the birds are singing - and these kittens are stuck inside! It's hard to avoid the arrival of spring.

Some things don't stop just because of lockdown. Kittens need their grooming! The kittens are going to try cutting each other's fur - luckily, no one will see if it goes terribly wrong!


Weekends are hard for the kittens. They never know what to do or how to burn the time. Luckily for them, a neighbour gifted them a bottle of rosé, and they were merry the whole afternoon long. 


Escapism is key for lockdown kittens, and TV is at the forefront of that battle! Our chubby heroes are busy finding new shows to love, and their current obsession is Mrs. America.


Kitten's can't avoid the inevitable: sooner or later, you're going to have to clean up your own mess. These kittens don't like it, but they understand the benefit of being tidy and cleanly!


It's time for Chubby Kitten to be the fêted kitten of the evening! Our kitten heroes have been in lockdown for almost three months, but that won't stop Chubby Kitten from gather his Kitten Friend and (plush) compadres for a little birthday party!

The Kittens love their walks, and Chubby Kitten uses them to check up with his goose friends whenever he can. But this time, he and Kitten Friend interrupted a heated goose argument!


A sure-fire way of lifting a blue kitten's spirits is a trip down to the river. There's nothing like a little stroll along the river-side to make this chubby feline see the beauty of London once more. 


Always lock your door! The kittens must have not locked theirs properly, and someone got into the house without their knowing. No cats were hurt in the process, but it was pretty scary!


Social distancing doesn't mean you can't make new friends! Chubby Kitten and Kitten Friend saw their pal over the weekend and were introduced to her new roommate, Louie! He was a bundle of energy that brightened up the kittens' week - and a fellow connaisseur of fine chow!

Kittens_Chow_Down_At_Mamasons 2.JPG

The heat is on! In this heatwave, there's no better way for a kitten to keep cool than with a bucket of ice cream. The kittens get a dainty treat at their favourite Filipino ice cream chain, Mamasons!


The weather in Germany wasn't exactly ideal for a kit-venture on the beach. But our kit-tagonists still made their best effort to enjoy it and joined a gull for a tour of the mud flats (Watten)!

Responsibility means caring for others - and caring means keeping away! After returning from their trip, the kittens are making sure to keep locked up in their nest for the mandated two weeks. They wouldn't want to infect someone if they had the virus!

As time went on, though, the gluttonous kittens needed to replenish their hoard, and shopping proved to be stressful!

Easter in lockdown! The kittens received a load of candy and chocolate from Kitten Friend's mother, and realized just how much they've forgotten their manners!


It was Kitten Friend's mother's birthday, and the kittens weren't going to let her celebrate it alone! So they called her on FaceTime and all had a little social distance party in her honour!


Growing kittens need their chow, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be tasty! The kittens are trying to recreate meals from all the restaurants they can't go to anymore, and sometimes that's stressful!


Luckily, lockdown can't keep these kittens from enjoying and celebrating special days! Chubby Kitten and his Kitten Friend got some fish and chips and had them atop Primrose Hill to celebrate four years of kitten life together!


The sun is out and the kittens have been enjoying meals on the terrace. What they can't understand is how these flowers seem to be constantly blooming despite a total lack of care! 

Lockdown isn't exactly conducive to kittens feeling like they're getting the most from life. Sometimes, a bit of a crazy daydream is what you need to help you through the greyness. 

It's not just the geese that catch this fat cat's attention. Chubby Kitten also loves the ducks, especially their surly attitudes and their propensity for hanging out in pairs. They seem to remind him of someone else he knows quite well...


It was bound to happen - Chubby Kitten would have to go back into the office at some point. He decided to do it on his own schedule, socially distanced, and will enough snacks to help him make it through the long walk and the longer day.


Abast there matey! The kittens have found a new way to enjoy London during lockdown while practicing extreme social distancing. Their arms might be sore tomorrow, but it's worth it for the time they spend communing with their water-borne friends! 


We know that Chubby Kitten loves the water - he spends so much time by it! Sometimes, he likes to ponder life through his reflection and the water friends that he's made.


Summer is time for travel! The Kittens are off on an adventure to see Kitten Friend's family in Germany. They do it the best way they know how - by renting a car and singing the whole way through!