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Adventures in Script was born from my passion for languages, writing systems and methods of expression. I'm interested in exploring how the written letter can be massaged and adapted to become a work of art, a plaything or a momento. Language is more than simple communication; it embodies our feelings and emotions, and the psychological hues that we attach to it can be brought out in so many different ways. 

Radical Radicals started as an application of this investigation to the Arabo-Persian script. In Arabic, meaning is derived through the manipulation of three consonants, commonly known as radicals or roots. These radicals encompass broad semantic net. Take k-t-b as an example, which produces words about writing and books. Radical Radicals digs deeper, exposing the way that the letters, which form the basis of these radicals, are expressive in their own right. In October 2017, Radical Radicals went on display at P21 Gallery in London, where a mobile was exhibited as part of the PopArt in North Africa show in a smaller sub-show called Shrapnel.

After the success of Shrapnel, I decided to explore other writing systems, and moved into Armenian and Syriac. Unlike the Perso-Arabic script, these two systems have been used to write a much more limited set of languages, and so my characters don't encompass quite the same range of styles and headgear that the Perso-Arabic ones do. Still, they're borne from the same love of humour and wit, exploring as they do the fun that we can all have language. 

Arabic  / عربية




Armenian / Հայերէն

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A bit about the artist.

Oh, hello there! I'm Michael, the


creator of Chubby Kitten (and the


various other things that you might

find on this website). I grew up in


Canada, but I've lived in a few


different places before ending up


in London. Most of my time is spent

doing serious things, usually with


books and stuff like that. In my


spare time, I bring life to neurotic,


fluffy, funny, and portly little animals


who jet around the world. My


current project is a full-length


comic called How to Have a


Breakdown and See 12 Countries in


3 Weeks!

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