The Book of Sam

In May 2016, I met an incredible man named Sam. It was totally unexpected, and the feelings for him that welled up inside of me swept me off my feet. After a long period of feeling like I was totally unlovable, he made me feel special and helped me to grow as a person. If it weren't for Sam, I'd have never have had the courage or the confidence to explore my creativity, or to create this site. Since that first fateful day, we've been developing and deepening our relationship, something that has even included a brief separation (don't worry, we're back together!).

This project is my attempt to put together all of the emotions that Sam brought out in me. I worked with a notebook and a Japanese brush pen that began to run out of ink as I worked through the pages. Just like old patterns of expression, it started to fade and forced me to look for new means of being me. It's a collection of 40 different kanji (singles and combinations) that track the growth and development of the relationship and my feelings about the highs and lows we experienced. I hope to express my love for Sam this way, and to hold on to all that I gained from being with him.