🍁Toronto Kitten🍁

Although Chubby Kitten lives in London now, he grew up in Toronto. Every so often he likes to return, to visit family, to relive parts of his kittenhood, and to gobble at his favourite restaurants. This time, Chubby Kitten had a hankering for snow, so he decided to head back in February - and might have gotten a bit too much of the white stuff!

Night flight to the 6ix! Chubby Kitten is on his way to Toronto, a bit apprehensive about what he'll find. He's excited to see the city and family, but also knows that it can be tough emotionally. 

Touch down! Chubby Kitten hits the ground running when he gets to Toronto. His first task is heading out to lunch with his parents at a fancy(-ish) French restaurant. Conversation doesn't quite flow, despite this kitten's best efforts. 

The next day, Chubby Kitten and his mother head out to the Art Gallery of Ontario for some quality time - still no dice when it comes to conversation! But in the evening, he gets to meet up with his sister and niece, who's a gentle, sweet kitten soul. Uncle Kitten takes a shine to her, and they get to bond over Japanese food. 

❄️Blizzard!❄️ This kitten got what he asked for, with a massive winter storm moving in! Not only was there a dumping of snow in the whole region, but temperatures dropped to -20ºC. Chubby Kitten was worried about his friends living outdoors.

Finally, a chow break! Chubby Kitten got a whole day to himself in town, and he certainly made the most of it. Top of his list was the chance to visit all of his favourite restaurants - luckily only one of them closed down. The problem was, though, that shoveling Vietnamese food into his face only heightened his longing for his beloved Kitten Friend. 

The day has come... for father-son kitten bonding. That obviously means building a piece of furniture and getting rid of something else. It's not Chubby Kitten's favourite part of the visit, and there was certainly a bit of frustration around the idea that things weren't going as planned. 

In the Kitten household, breakfast is always a communal affair. In theory, that's a nice way to start your day. In practice, though, some members of the household can be extremely chatty - even when they also insist on blaring Kitten Network News on the TV!

With the storms cleared and a bit of sunshine, Chubby Kitten can indulge in one of his favourite past-times when in Toronto: feeding the backyard friends. This time, he was very lucky to have visits from all the squirrels, chickadees, and even a blue jay and a cardinal!

Since Chubby Kitten was last in Canada, marijuana was legalized for recreational usage. Obviously, this kitten wouldn't lose the opportunity to try it out. He found the proliferation of pot shops a bit depressing, as they filled neighbourhoods with cold, mirrored shop fronts instead of welcoming, warm windows, but wasn't opposed to a little high time with 90s tunes. 

It's hard seeing your parents grow old, especially when they have health issues. Shakes to the left and shakes to the right, Chubby Kitten felt helpless to make both his mother and father's last years more comfortable and enjoyable for them. 

Departure time is approaching! With less than 24 hours till Chubby Kitten heads back to London, he has a special dinner date with his niece. She got to show him her home, and introduce him to her friends Daddy Bear and Chickie. Chubby Kitten felt honoured to be brought into the group! 

Home time! Chubby Kitten is on his way back to see his Kitten Friend! It's been a rough week and a half, discovering that memories exist only in your mind - not on the ground - and that sometimes letting go can be a slow, painful process. It's only eased by having someone on the other side to build new memories with for your own golden years.