Sometimes, Chubby Kitten just likes to pop in to check on how the Internet is going. It's important! Check out his interventions here - stuff comes up all the time!

Chubby Kitten's Peculiarities

🐱Who are the kittens in your neighbourhood?!🐱

I think we're alone now...

🔥👻 I'm a kitten from HELL!! 👺🐱

🥑🌽🌶When in Mexico...🌮🌯🍗


Chubby Kitten feels down

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A bit about the artist.

Oh, hello there! I'm Michael, the


creator of Chubby Kitten (and the


various other things that you might

find on this website). I grew up in


Canada, but I've lived in a few


different places before ending up


in London. Most of my time is spent

doing serious things, usually with


books and stuff like that. In my


spare time, I bring life to neurotic,


fluffy, funny, and portly little animals


who jet around the world. My


current project is a full-length


comic called How to Have a


Breakdown and See 12 Countries in


6 Weeks!

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